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Until We Meet Again: The Dissolution of a Practice


Gianna, daughter of Lindsey and Nick Martin, being welcomed into the loving hands of Shauna Zerhusen

It is with great sadness that we announce that The Christ Hospital has decided to dissolve The Christ Hospital Physician’s Certified Nurse Midwifery practice after only ten months.  We are sad for our women especially who took the great leap of faith to follow us, believing that we would be by their sides for the most important and intimate times of their lives.  We believed that this would be a permanent home for us, and we would never had asked women to follow us if we thought that this wouldn’t be the case.  For this we are truly sorry.  That fact that we will not be by our women’s sides, to be there for the birth of their babies, to see them through their journey to becoming parents, truly breaks our hearts.


The truth of the matter is this, health care is a business.  Women need to have choices in the type of care that they receive and they also need to let health systems know that money should not be the only force that drives the decisions of policy makers.  Our Midwifery practice had less than an 8.75% cesarean rate, a 4% episiotomy rate, a 70% natural child birth rate, all with exceptional maternal and neonatal outcomes. Yet our care was not supported.  We believe that every woman deserves a midwife for her obstetric and gynecologic care should she so choose.  We also believe that woman are best served when a partnership is created between midwives, their collaborating obstetricians and a hospital system that all respect and value the services each bring to the table.  We have found that recognizing such physicians and systems is harder than it seems, but it is possible.  We have been overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of support that we have received from our patients, fellow midwives, physician colleagues, friends and families.  We are very hopeful that we will find a new group of physicians to back us and we are actively working on securing a new home for our practice.  As we know more, we will continue to keep you updated here.

In the mean time, we understand that woman need to continue their care.  We know from experience that it is women who make the health care decisions for their families.  Moving forward, we hope that everyone is able to continue with care givers that provide the same level of service that we provided in our practice.

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” -Maya Angelou

20 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again: The Dissolution of a Practice

  1. I am just shocked! Please announce where you end up. As long as its in the Cincy/Nky area, I will follow you again. You phenomenal ladies have provided me wonderful care over the years.


    • Thank you for your words of support Amanda! We have wanted nothing but to serve our women. We do have the support of many professionals in the area who get how important our care is to women. We are very hopeful and will keep you up to date here.


  2. I am so saddened by this news! Although I get that it comes down to money, I just don’t understand how the well-being of women and their babies is being overlooked here. Shame on Christ Hospital for failing to recognize this. I say, you ladies should find a way to open your own birthing center. It’s what this area needs!


    • Amanda, we feel the pain of our community! Thank you for speaking out because that’s what it will take, women’s voices raised to speak out for what is right and just for us and our children!! We will continue, we will not stop until every woman has access to the care that they deserve…MIDWIFERY CARE!!!


  3. I’m so sad! I love you ladies & was so excited to “find” you again. I’m praying that we can find a group that has loved our WHOLE family the way you have. Sonya Sweet


    • Sonya, what saddens us most is that women like you sought us out because we are “your” midwives. We are so sorry that this has happened. The Midwife community is very tight and everyone is concerned for us, you, and your family. You will be taken care of..


  4. This is just so sad! For the women you have helped and for the birth community in the Cincinnati area. Having had my children in other areas of the country it has been puzzling to me to see, and to hear about, how the birth culture here takes a step forward and then two steps back. It is like there is a force that refuses to allow women more options in care. Maybe I am preaching to the choir, it just really saddens me. I will continue to pray for the Cincinnati area birth community and for each of you as you navigate what must be a tricky time in your own lives. Hugs!


  5. I have been truly heart sick to hear of this after receiving a phone call Monday morning that the team of midwives I had hoped would be there to deliver my first child would not be allowed to do so. As a first time mom, and a woman who passionately belives in the holistic care of midwifery, I researched my options and fell in love with the philosophies and feedback I discovered in relation to your practice. After one appointment with you, I immediately felt comfortable and put at ease, and thought this is going to be a beautiful experience and I am in good hands, and so is my soon to be born son. It is a great injustice to women to not have the options for the kind of care they choose and belive in and the providers they feel comfortable with. I am praying you all find your way to a new practice and can again open the doors and deliver the kind of exceptional care that women so need and deserve, in this, the most vulnerable, life transforming event we experience! I have already contacted Christ Hosptial and expressed my dismay and discontent on the matter and hope other expectant moms will do the same. Our voices need to be heard.


  6. I am sad that this happened to the practice. I believe you are amazing woman and will find a better opportunity in the future. I am praying that it happens soon! The certified midwives practice is the first place that I truly felt safe and listened to. People are yearning for this so I know it will work out! Thanks for all you do.


    • Thank you Katie ! We need your prayers and we too hope that our transition to another place is swift so that we can be with you again. Until then, be healthy and happy and know that we are with you in spirit. You are strong and amazing!!!!


    • Hi Stefanie, sorry I did not see your post until now. Just a quick update on how everyone is doing…Shauna is working at Women’s Health Care of N. KY, doing gynecology care, Mandy is working at Health Point in Covington doing ob/gyn care, and I am working for UC Physcian’s doing ob/gynecology as well. Elisabeth is currently taking a sabbatical. We are no longer doing deliveries at this time……


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